I Discovered My Girlfriend’s Intercourse Tape On Line. Should I Tell Her?

I Discovered My Girlfriend's Intercourse Tape On Line. Should I Tell Her?

A reader is unsure how to proceed after an accidental discovery.

My gf produced intercourse tape over about ten years ago. She ended up being alert to being filmed but didn't consent to its hitting theaters online. She said if she finds out I’ve searched for it, we’re over about it when we first met (I’m female, too) and made it clear that.

Yesterday, I unintentionally discovered it on a well-known site that is porn after entering broad and generic search phrases. It’s been viewed over 15 million times, posted on most of the major and minor porn websites global, also edited into GIFs and memes. I happened to be actually ill. Since that minute, I’ve managed to make it my objective to obtain the tape down by calling host internet internet web sites, looking for the aid of revenge porn teams and spending expert trackers. I’m considering hiring an investigator that is private. But there will not be any means of knowing it is gone forever and therefore simple truth is driving me personally insane. It is impacting my rest. Whenever I’m at the office, We furiously monitor down the tape into the restroom.

But we have actuallyn’t told my gf, who's entirely oblivious to your proven fact that this tape is smeared all around the web. She’s a businesswoman that is extremely successful job is scheduled to obtain larger. I’m terrified a colleague may visit a clip and make use of it against her. As being a survivor of punishment as a young child, she's got a big “shame” switch, and has now coped with a myriad of self-destructive actions. We can’t keep the very thought of this unraveling her.

I’m additionally worried she won’t trust in me by accident, and will end things if I tell her I found it.Saiba Mais