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DOJ Morality Police May Be Behind Chase Closing Bank Accounts Of Adult Movie Actors

DOJ Morality Police May Be Behind Chase Closing Bank Accounts Of Adult Movie Actors

from the dept that is choke-on-this-point

The Techdirt commentary area would be to thank with this one. Directly after we simply discussed Chase Bank showing up to shut the non-public bank records of a lot of employees within the adult doing company, some of you pointed us to reports that this could you need to be Chase Bank dancing to a federal piper. That report has expanded upon Teagan Presley, an old porn celebrity, along with her reviews upon learning she had been unexpectedly no more a Chase client.

Whenever Presley decided to go to the financial institution in individual to inquire of why, she had been told it is because she is considered "high danger."

"after which they said they canceled my husband??™s account too, because our social protection figures are connected," Presley told VICE News. "They told him it was because i am a notorious adult celebrity. That is funny, because i am sort of a goody-goody in the commercial, and I also'm not doing porn any longer."

In a Wall Street Journal Thursday that is op-ed Bankers Association CEO Frank Keating published that the Justice Department is "telling bankers to behave love policemen and judges."

"Operation Choke aim is asking banking institutions to spot clients who could be breaking what the law states or simply just doing one thing federal federal government officials can't stand," Keating had written. "Banking institutions must then "choke off" those clients' use of monetary solutions, shutting down their records."

Keating stated the very secretive procedure was released at the beginning of 2013. Which is when porn stars started initially to whine towards the news that their bank records had been being power down without description.Saiba Mais