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Getting name right after paying off auto loan

Getting name right after paying off auto loan

I recently paid down my car finance and received the certification of name. There clearly was additionally a page stating that i have to go to DMV doing a title transfer to clear name.

But, we currently have the tile. Do i must go directly to the DMV? If yes, what things to bring? And any DMV workplace is okay?

Both money tree greenwood people above are incorrect. Then the Title is actually in their name and they have signed it and had it notarized to be ready for it to be put in your name if you just paid off the loan (ie you were financing from a dealer like Honda or Toyota. The title is really maybe not in your title whenever an auto is done by you loan with a dealership. The name remains into the dealerships title until such time you repay the mortgage, they send you the name, and also you go right to the DMV to get the name placed into your title.Saiba Mais